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Richter Showroom

Richter REVOstone is a natural stone surface obtained from quarries around the world and is split from real slate. Different geographical locations result in different the colors. The raw split surface of the slate and the interchanging colors of each stone layer are absolutely unique and a stimulation for the senses. Color and surface variations are quite normal and do not constitute a fault. Natural slate has a content of minerals and metal oxidants which are not visible underneath the surface. Pressure can cause fractures. These fractures are also quite normal and do not constitute a fault. Some quarries contain a high degree of quartz combined with the slate bedrock. We use the soft rock from various quarries and from these quarries we derive our Stone-VeneerĀ® Quartzite With different quarries having this quartz content with layers of silicate there are different color hues as seen in the Quartzite products, all with a natural glimmer and shine. It also requires a high degree of skill and additional “hands-on” labor to split. The natural structure of the Quartzite slate also gives it a rougher surface than slate.

All of these slate products are as natural as nature created millions of years ago. RICHTER does not create or add to any of the texture, coloration, and pigmentation. This is why every piece is different in stratus, three dimensional accentuation and feel, graining and variances of color hues. Do not expect to “sequence” or match any two pieces for applications. Just as nature grows no two flowers alike there is no duplication of slate. Each piece has its own natural and individual beauty.